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Dental Bridge
Rochester, NY

Rendering of jaw with dental bridge at Dental Prosthodontics of Rochester in Rochester, NYOf the many choices people have these days when it comes to improving the appearance and beauty of their smile, anterior bridges are a very common choice among a number of dental patients. The anterior region of the mouth consists of the front part of it. Basically, this is the area which includes all of your front teeth. So you can understand that when there is an issue with how these teeth look, everyone else can see it every time you smile, laugh, or even just talk. This can lead to a number of negative consequences for the person who is suffering from missing or damaged front teeth. Dental bridges are also be placed for posterior missing teeth. Your dental specialist here at Dental Prosthodontics of Rochester can help you find out if this type of bridgework would be right for you.

How Do You Know if You Need Them?

Since the sole function of bridges is to replace missing teeth and create stability and better functional use, the biggest indicator that you need them is that you have either already lost one or more of your teeth or you are about to. This type of dental appliance works best for patients who have healthy and serviceable teeth around the area of the missing one(s). If not only your front teeth, but also many or all of the surrounding teeth are damaged or decayed, you would most likely not be a good candidate as there would be nothing to anchor the prosthetic dental piece too.

Learning More About the Procedure

Just as with crowns, your teeth will have to go through a little bit of preparation and conditioning to be ready to receive the bridge comfortably and securely. The adjacent teeth may have to be shaved down and reshaped to make sure that the appliance fits perfectly in place once it is in. The procedure usually takes place in two sessions. The first visit will be where the initial exam and X-rays are performed, your abutment teeth will be prepared and the impression will be taken to use in the creation of your custom-fitted bridge. After that, the impression is then sent off where it will be made using the latest dental technology and equipment. A temporary bridge is usually provided to the patient while the permanent one is being made.

The second visit consists of making sure that the fit, color and other details of the design are correct. If this is the case and everything looks good, our dentist will cement the bridge into place permanently, eliminating unsightly gaps and missing teeth. Caring for a bridge is important and may require an extra effort to keep it clean. Oral hygiene practiced at home is thus very important for the long term success and survival of a bridge. Twice-a-day brushings, flossing and rinsing, along with regular checkups at our clinic should do the trick.

To speak with one of our helpful staff members here about bridges and to see if they might be an option for you, get in touch with us here at Dental Prosthodontics of Rochester. To get more information whether bridges or single tooth replacement and multiple tooth replacement are the best option, simply give us a call by dialing (585) 673-7702.
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Anterior dental bridges are a very common choice among a number of dental patients. Call Dental Prosthodontics of Rochester now and schedule with us!
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