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Full Mouth Reconstruction
Rochester, NY

Dental x-ray of a full mouth reconstruction at Dental Prosthodontics of Rochester in Rochester, NYWhen it comes to expensive and complex dental procedures, a full mouth reconstruction is right up there at the top. Unlike many other restorative dental services such as crown or veneer placements, as well as bridges, dentures and implants; one simple procedure or solution is not going to come close to fixing this problem. A full mouth reconstruction focuses on the entire mouth, not just one tooth or cluster of teeth. Any or all of those devices and appliances may be needed during this process. The trained and experienced dental health experts at Dental Prosthodontics of Rochester have helped many patients who have had these same issues and we can do it for you also.

What a Full Mouth Reconstruction Consists Of

Basically, a FMR involves restoring all of the teeth in a patient’s mouth. But what exactly the best way to go about it will depend solely on each individual client and their unique situation. For example, someone who is losing (or has lost) their teeth due to severe gum disease such as periodontitis will probably have to get their condition under control before undergoing reconstruction procedures. In contrast, someone else may need a reconstruction because of an accident, even though their teeth and gums may have been perfectly healthy otherwise.

Regardless of the cause of the issue, the specific treatments and appliances used will be determined by a number of different factors which vary from patient to patient. This dental therapy technique could include anything from implants to bridges to complete or partial dentures. It may also require gum surgery, as well as bone grafting in the most serious cases. What it really all comes down to is what you are comfortable with having done and what would work best for you.

Who This Treatment Is Best Suited for

Typical candidates for this procedure are people who have recently suffered a severe facial trauma as the result of an accident or sometimes even a physical altercation. Others who are born or develop certain medical conditions or have to take medications that cause severe damage to the teeth are also frequent patients. Ameliogenesis, Ectodermal Dysplasia and Dentinogenisis Imperfecta are three examples of medical disorders which may create the need to have a full mouth reconstruction performed at some point.

What Type of Oral Health Professional Specializes in These Procedures?

Our highly skilled and fully certified prosthodontists are the ones who handle these extensive and very detailed dental treatments. Depending on the severity of your condition and the types of treatments it will take to correct all of your issues, this process can take anywhere from a month to several months to even over a year. But no matter how difficult the situation may seem, there is no reason that you cannot have the beautiful smile that you once had or have always wanted.

A full mouth reconstruction is a very specific type of procedure for a particular kind of patient. To find out if you are one of them, get in touch with our dental health professionals here at Dental Prosthodontics of Rochester. We can be reached at (585) 673-7702.
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Full Mouth Reconstruction - Prosthodontist Rochester, NY - Dental Prosthodontics of Rochester
A full mouth reconstruction is a very specific type of procedure for a particular kind of patient. To find out if you are one of them, call Dental Prosthodontics of Rochester today!
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